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Services & Collaboration

Fabiola’s mother holding two copas veladoras. She’s holding one of them as Fabiola pours from an unlabeled bottle of mezcal.
Photo: Luis Hernández, @nomad.cook

As a dynamic person, I weave my personal and professional experiences to work with values-aligned individuals and organizations to co-create more equitable organizations, spaces, institutions, and systems.

Coaching and Consultation

Do you have a project with elements of Oaxaca’s cultures and want to learn how to make it more equitable? Considering starting a project that uses elements from Oaxaca? I offer a small portion of my time to work with organizations and individuals that want and need support embedding cultural preservation and equity in their projects.

Speaking Engagements

Want to invite compassionate reflection and thought-provoking dialogue? I’m available to work with small groups, teams, at colleges and universities, and other spaces that desire a critical perspective.

Areas of experience and expertise

  • Identity and Indigeneity
  • Mezcal Culture
  • Movement, Migration, and Tourism
  • Intersectionality
  • Public Health
  • Participatory Community Research
  • Transformative Justice
  • Indigenous Lifeways
  • Design Thinking
  • Facilitation

For speaking engagements and other work collaboration, please fill out this form:


“Working with Fabiola was an enriching experience through and through. Her attention to detail as a consultant significantly enhanced my project. Likewise, her intentional and professional approach to coaching offers another dimension that supports both the work, and the creator of the work- an element we are quick to forget when focused on the product of our efforts. I highly recommend working with Fabiola as a consultant and coach to anyone looking to enhance their quality of work as well as the working experience.”

–Tess R.